A pulmonologist is responsible for diagnosing and treating various respiratory problems. You should be looking for a pulmonologist in Northern Virginia when you start experiencing troublesome coughing that doesn’t seem to stop. Coughing is a natural mechanism for the body to get rid of dirt particles in the airways. This could affect the quality of life as constant coughing can be uncomfortable. There could also be an underlying health issue that is causing the constant coughing. This where a pulmonologist comes in.

The coughing could be as a result of other health problems. That is why it is important the problem is diagnosed before the right treatment is administered. There are situations that will necessitate visiting a pulmonologist and we are going to highlight some of them.

When the chronic cough won’t respond to treatment

A normal cough should not take more than three weeks to clear up. Even if your general physician has diagnosed you with a condition like asthma, it will still be a good idea to see a pulmonologist. The first line of treatment might not be effective or it is not working at all and seeing a specialist is the best thing you can do to find a solution.

Unintentional Weight Loss and Fever

The combination of chronic coughing, fever, and weight loss should be a cause for concern. This is usually an indication of a serious underlying medical condition that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If it lasts more than three weeks, the symptoms could mean lung cancer or tuberculosis. It could also be a sign of bacterial infection or HIV.

Coughing up blood

You will need to see a doctor when the coughing is accompanied by blood. It is usually a sign of a more serious medical issue that will need to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Coughing up blood can be a symptom of trauma to the lungs, tuberculosis, bronchitis, or pulmonary embolism. The blood could be originating outside the airway but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t see a doctor. A pulmonologist should be able to get to the root of the problem.

Experiencing Difficulty in Breathing

Any kind of distress should be a cause for concern. You could be suffering from COPD without knowing. The condition causes obstruction to the airways which makes breathing difficult. You may be having a condition like asthma but seeing a pulmonologist is a way of making sure that you’re getting and responding to the right treatment.

When at Risk of Lung Cancer

If you’re concerned about lung cancer, a pulmonologist is the right person to see. You might be a coming from a family that has an issue with the disease and it always important to be safe than sorry. Your doctor could also refer you to a pulmonologist if they want you to get a second opinion. This is a sign that a doctor has your best interest at heart. For more information, you can check out https://novapulmonary.com/

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