Wine tasting is considered to be a very sophisticated art, and there’s a specific etiquette you have to follow. Whether you’re in a restaurant, at a vineyard, or wine tasting private party, the protocol should remain the same.

When you have a wine tasting private party, you want to invite just enough number of people to fit comfortably in the room you want to hold your party. A crowd can be intimidating. Some of your guests may feel like they are being rushed when it comes to pouring a glass of wine or tasting the wine.

If you are looking for a cool place to hold your wine tasting party, you can’t go wrong with Fleetwood Farm Winery. An elegant retreat, Fleetwood is a stunning wine tasting destination in Northern Virginia. It is only a few minutes’ drive from DC, Ashburn, Reston, and other surrounding areas, and offers a top-of-the-class wine tasting experience in a tranquil atmosphere surrounded by spectacular views.

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Fleetwood Farm Winery

Fleetwood Farm Winery is a historic property established in 1745. It is located in a manor house that once housed several prominent individuals in Loudoun County. One of the house’s residents was Dr. Charles Green, George Washington’s doctor.

Set in a serene environment, away from the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginian, Fleetwood offers awe-inspiring views and an events area that has been kept in immaculate condition since the 18th century. This is the place to hold your wine tasting party and other events.

Fleetwood Farm Winery offers you the opportunity to savor some of their premium wines in their wine tasting room in the iconic Manor House or the Grand Terrace. The expansive lawns that overlook the vineyard are also at your disposal. They offer revolving selections from some of the world’s leading wine regions.

Fleetwood is committed to offering an educational and delightful experience with the most excellent wines from across the globe. The history, spectacular scenery, and world-class wine tasting experience combine to ensure that a visit to the winery is memorable and one of a kind.

History Tours at Fleetwood Farm Winery

Besides wine tasting, you can also enjoy the winery’s founding fathers history tour, which takes place in the privacy of the Manor House. This tour allows you to pay a delightful tribute to celebrated figures in the Colonial and Revolutionary War History who once resided in the property.

These figures include George Washington and his doctor, John Hancock, as well as the first Sheriff of Fairfax County. The tour includes a tasting of four Fleetwood wines, and it usually takes up to 90 minutes. However, you’ll need to book for a reservation in advance.

In conclusion, you must be at least 21 years old to be allowed entry to the property. You should not bring pets. The farm opens at noon and remains open up to at least 7 p.m. There’s usually a food truck on the grounds of Fleetwood Farm Winery.

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