The Steven F Udvar Hazy Center is located in Chantilly, Fairfax County, Virginia. It houses a wide variety of exhibits, including the Enola Gay and the Space Shuttle Discovery.

If you are an aircraft enthusiast, you should find some time to visit this place. It will blow you away. I visited the Steven F Udvar Hazy Center last summer with my family, and the experience was a memorable one, especially for the kids.

Visiting the Steven F Udvar Hazy Center

The Udvar-Hazy Center is a paradise for aircraft enthusiasts. It is home to various airplanes that couldn’t fit the main Air & Space Museum complex in Washington DC.  Most of the aircraft are displayed right at children’s eye level, so your kids can have a beautiful view without straining.

I was particularly elated by the Space Hangar where the Space Shuttle Discovery is displayed. My kids were equally awed by Discovery. We spent some time checking out the Space Shuttle and some other aircraft before heading up to the Observation Tower.

The tower offers a spectacular view of two of Dulles International Airport’s runways. Keep in mind that the museum is located right next to the airport. Sitting in front of the large windows, we joyfully looked and waved at every plane landing at the airport.

We concluded our day at the Steven F Udvar Hazy Center by touring another section of the museum. This section houses an air traffic control workstation, aviation equipment, and various other artifacts. This area of the museum typically has a lot of traffic, so you should allow yourself enough time to get the best of it.

Events at Steven F Udvar Hazy Center

Several events take place at the museum throughout the year. These include:

  • Book signings
  • Lectures
  • Kids events
  • Sleepovers

Other significant events that you could enjoy with your family include Air & Space for Halloween and Innovations in Flight.

Tips for Visiting Udvar-Hazy Center

Here are a few tips that will help you have the best experience at the museum.

  • Bring few carry-ons. Every visitor must go through security screening when entering the museum. The fewer carry-ons you bring with you, the faster your entry will be. Keep in mind that some items like tripods and pocket knives are prohibited.

Leave such items in the car or at home. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed inside the museum.

  • Allow yourself extra time. Lines to enter Udvar-Hazy’s parking lot are longest in the peak season (March to August), on special event days, and during the weekends. To avoid unnecessary delays, allow some extra time for entry and parking.

Also, don’t forget to check the schedule of the day’s events at the information desk upon arrival. Different practical activities and demonstrations are offered around the museum throughout the day.


If you are a fan of aviation, you would want to visit the Steven F Udvar Hazy Center. This facility houses a variety of aircraft and other aviation artifacts.

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